Seamless and conforming to standards. An archive that becomes a part of your system.

From the simple press of a button that opens the images for a patient order, to the uniform name changes in KIS/RIS/PACS, to the automatic management of clinical conferences – the power of interfaces with other systems is decisive for a system that is truly seamless. Thanks to the flexible interfaces in the Digital Medics PACS, nothing stands in the way of a “best of class” approach.


The VivoSafe archive offers an interface for receiving standardized HL7 messages, such as ORM (electronic tasks), ADT (patient data), or ORU (result documentation). 

Next to the automatic mechanisms, like the automatic sync of patient data, the VivoSafe archive can be adapted to provider-specific workflows using simple XML rules.

Should all mammographies be automatically transferred to the mammography workstation? Very simple:

<RULE name="Mammotransfer" compressionstate="PRE">
 <DICOM_MATCHES key="studydescription" cmp="CONTAINS" mode="I" value=".*Mammo.*">


With the support of Digital Medics and the easy-to-use VivoSafe Workflow Engine, you can easily adapt the Digital Medics PACS with any existing infrastructure. Fulfill user requests without giving in to the limits of your system!

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