Vendor neutral order entry, image transfer and result reporting.

The VivoNet Adapter is the module for fast video communication between remote locations. The locations can be part of a single corporation using the Digital Medics PACS, or they can be independent organizations with PAC systems from other suppliers. The adapter thus helps to dramatically widen bottlenecks created by older PAC systems, or to implement a location-independent Digital Medics PACS solution.


The VivoNet technology supports not only rapid transfer, but also the intelligent migration and cacheing of data. Once data base been received, it is stored locally and when the data is requested once more, it doesn’t need to be loaded and transferred again.

Additionally, the VivoNet Adapter always presents a remote location with the complete overview of all centrally archived examinations. If a request doesn’t find an examination in the local adapter, the migration from the central archive to the local cache is completely automatic. Thanks to the VivoNet Adapter, your data is always where you need it.

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