From virtual to physical: VivoSafe supports your IT-strategy. Robust and dependable.

Your own rack-mounted server with attached disk bay? Or a Blade server in a BladeCenter and storage connected via SAN? Or do you manage available hardware resources with a virtual machine? The VivoSafe Archive adjusts to your IT strategy. 


In long-term storage, the trend is ever stronger towards relying completely on hard drives. This is not just because of rapidly falling prices, but also increasing capacity.

To benefit from this, Digital Medics developed a solution that allows for simple scaling up of capacity. Thus it is possible to just invest in the immediate requirements for storage and to increase capacity only when needed – at future (lower) prices and with future storage technology.

The key technology that is used here is the so-called clustering file system. which unites the advantages of SAN and NAS systems.

The primary server uses a dedicated network to access the data and thus reduces access times. A flexible scalability like that found in NAS systems is thus implemented in the file system. This can combine multiple data devices into one virtual device. This unified device can thereafter be expanded at will without having to reconfigure the entire system.

A further advantage can be had by running two servers that cover a failure scenario: Through the cluster file system, the SAN modules of both servers are combined into a virtual storage device, which can be accessed simultaneously by both servers. That way, the data on each server never diverges at any time, and in case of the failure of one server, the other can take over seamlessly.

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