Add some depth to your diagnosis! You already know X and Y. May we introduce to you: Z.

Digital Medics recognizes the need for quantification in radiology and is the first provider to make it possible to measure volumes in layered images as an integrated function of a PACS solution. The  entire Digital Medics PACS was built from the ground up for  archiving, transferring, and processing high-resolution datasets –  all so that it can be just the right platform for additional image processing modules.

Volumetric Quantification

The VivoLab Workstation really shines when applied to volumetric analysis. VivoLab’s integrated “elastic tracing” tool greatly streamlines the cumbersome selection of a volume of interest (VOI). Instead of selecting dozens of layers, select just the contours of a few layers, and VivoLab fills in the blanks automatically through all layers. Intelligent interpolation and  automatic contour adjustment make it possible to measure with maximum precision and minimum effort.


Improve the quality of follow-ups by documenting the changes in volume of tumors, not just changes in diameter. VivoLab has just the right tool to provide access to the necessary high resolution data as well as saving the measurements on the server for a simple and easy follow-up.


Balkanized solutions for specific diagnostic processes have two major disadvantages.

Your daily routine suffers from constantly switching between different systems, and there are often significant communication problems between platforms.

The Digital Medics PACS offers you a natural workflow with high resolution datasets. By doing so, the infrastructure for future developments in diagnostic systems was created – a solid foundation that Digital Medics will use as a base to create other image processing tools, but also as a platform for third parties to create their own integrated tools