HD Web Viewer

A viewer that has something to show. Losslessly.

The VivoLab HD Web Viewer is the small footprint client that masters the VivoNet transfer protocol. Through the combination of speed and high data compression, at last it is now possible to expand the display of lossless images beyond the walls of the radiology department and to make new provider models possible.


The same software basis is used for the VivoLab HD Web Viewer as for the VivoLab Workstation. In spite of the ease of use and the small size, the exact same acceleration methods are put to use as those on the VivoLab Workstation.

Does your laptop run with an 8-core processor? The HD Web Viewer exploits parallel architecture fully! You have an off-the-shelf graphic accelerator? The HD Web Viewer automatically outsources operations for image presentation and processing to the graphic subsystem!

Additionally, by using the HD Web Viewer you benefit from the advantages of VivoNet transfer technology: the compression and automatic prioritization speed up the transfer so much that you can even work well with narrow-bandwidth Internet connections.

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